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We Sell a Service, not Hours
We use a pricing guide that features upfront pricing. This means that with the exclusion of drain and sewer cabling, once our plumber has arrived at your home and evaluated your problem, you will normally know the cost of our services before you authorize the work. Once you approve the price, you can sit back and relax; whether it takes us one hour or eight due to unexpected problems, the bill will be the same.

Why Up-Front Pricing?

Since we've been in the business found and have encountered so many problems, we're willing to take the risk of upfront pricing when other companies may not. It's just another benefit you get of our experience saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Plus our pricing is formulated so that if you have more than one task done while we're already there, the additional work may be eligible for a reduced price

Even if you don't hire us, please hire a LICENSED AND INSURED MASTER PLUMBER

It is the law. Please refer to the plumbing license here:

Plumbing License Law
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