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Melanie Howard

All Metroplex Plumbing is always on time and very professional... I will absolutely recomend them...

Jo Byrt

All Metroplex Plumbing arrived on time, they got the materials, and installed the pump and the equipment, They are very professional, polite and competent.

Debbie Coleman

We were please with All Metroplex Plumbing they diagnosed the problem and repaired efficiently and professionally

Marlene W.

All Metroplex Plumbing arrived on time and very professional, prices were great and when they left everything was cleaned up and no problems since. I can`t say enough great things. I have already recommended them to a friend.

Raquel W.(Raquel`s cleaning company)

I got Carlos name from a friend who told me he was a master plumber who was starting his own company. She said he has insurance and is very responsible, honest and a hard worker. I first hired him to work on my daughter`s leaking toilet because my regular plumber was never able to repair it well. I chose to have the broken parts replaced instead of replacing the entire toilet . It really seems like he replaced the toilet because it works much better than it ever has in years Not only does the toilet not leak anymore, but it also flushes more efficiently and powerfully. After everything went well with my daughter`s plumbing issue, I decided to hire him to fix the clogged sink in my master bathroom. I had triedDrano and liquid plumber with no lasting success. He arrived on time and was able to unblock my sink using a snake . He told me he would be sure to be extra careful since I have older copper plumbing that can be damaged easily. It has been several weeks since his visit and my sink still remains unclogged. I was really impressed how at both times he explained all of my options in a way that I could easily understand them. It didn`t seem like he was out to make me pay for something unnecessarily. His prices are very reasonable. I also loved that he wore protective booties over his shoes so that he wouldn`t drag in dirt from outside. It is so pleasantly surprising that both bathrooms were left just as clean as they were before he had arrived! I will certainly hire All Metroplex Plumbing again and will recommend it to all my friends.

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